Established in Toronto, Canada in 1994, Unideluxe Gold Exchange and Pawn has a rich and intriguing history. Having started out as a second hand store that sold a wide range of wares, including musical instruments.

Over the 25 years in business eventually evolved into a gold exhange and pawnbroking specialists and one of the few old timers still standing on intersections of Queen St. and Church St., downtown Toronto. 

The pawnbroking industry has changed dramatically over the years becoming far more professional, resulting in our move from Church street to Queen street. A significant investment was made with the aim of creating a unique pawnbroking store with lower overhead cost. This move enabled us to offer more money for your gold and jewelry then ever before. We continue to focus on side of pawnbroking and give out more loans then ever before in our 25 year history. Now we feel more like a bank then just a regular pawnshop. One of the key things that separates us from other pawnbrokers is a rich heritage and tradition which is at the heart of its core values of treating customers fairly and with respect. High levels of customer service and competitive interest rates allowed us to grow an enormous loyal customer database.

In the past, pawnbrokers took all manner of products as security for loans, but we only accept jewelry made from precious metals and precious stones, a selection of prestige watches nowadays, musical instruments, and select electronics and so the staff are specialists in their field enabling them to offer more money if required.

We’ve developed new processes over the years and we pride ourselves on having the most advanced security systems in order to safeguard our customers’ property, which we treat as if it were our own.


When it comes to choosing a gold and jewelry buyer, take a look at reliability. One of the biggest reason people are becoming more interested in selling their Jewelry and gold these days, is that the price of gold is near all time highs right now.

People often ask us how our buying process works, here is the answer: We begin by providing the spot price of gold, we then weigh and inspect the items. You need to know the spot price of gold so you get the most possible cash for your gold. The spot price of gold is stated in dollars per ounce. 

We Buy Scrap Gold, Jewelry, Gold Coins, Diamonds, Watches Platinum , Cash for Gold & Silver and much much more....

Be aware that due to high demand right, many new unlicenced gold buyers have popped up promising quick cash for gold. We strongly advice to check their credentials and licence # as dealing with them can be dangerous.

 Whether your selling gold jewelry or bullion – Unideluxe Gold Exchange & Pawn is the right place to sell gold bullion, sterling silver jewelry, diamonds, and top brand name watches. 

City Of Toronto Gold Buyer's & Pawn License